The Chidon is a worldwide competition which has students learning all 613 Mitzvos from the Torah over the course of 4th-8th grade. They study this information in depth. Any student who achieves an average above 70% is eligible for participating in a Shabbaton weekend in New York City. Five students at Slater Torah Academy participated in this program and joined this incredible weekend experience in New York. 

Three of our students received grades on the three tests they took over the past few months that ensured them a place on stage as a representative. 
Representatives took a difficult test to determine the winners of each grade level and then participated in a competitive game show in front of an audience of thousands of people.

A big congratulations to our very own Slater Torah Academy student, Mordechai Rivkin, who out of hundreds of other 4th graders, came in 3rd place, snagging the bronze trophy for his division in the Chidon! 

A big Mazal Tov goes to Morde Rivkin, Risha Nemes, Rochel Rivkin and Rivka Rivkin for participating in this amazing competition, many walking away with plaques and medals for their achievements.