Jewish Preschool of the Arts students experienced a real Seder in school before the Passover break to get them ready for their own family Seders. Organized by their Judaic teachers and Morah Lina and led by Morah Libby Groner, the Seder was all about the children.

Pesach is a time where we focus on the children. The Mitzvah of Pesach is "V'higadeta L'vincha"- "And you should tell your children". The students at JPOA were well prepared having practiced and learned with their teachers in the weeks leading up to the Seder things like the Ma Nishtana, the 10 plagues and the steps of the Seder. 

We were proud to hear about our students who shared the Ma Nishtana beautifully with their families at the Seder and were able to follow along with the Hagaddah for Pesach.