While frontal teaching may have had its place many years ago, times have changed and we have learned as educators that the best way to engage students is through child centered activities. This new, child focused, way of teaching is one of the core values at Slater Torah Academy. 

As such, in getting ready for an important holiday like Passover, it was vital that the students were involved in a meaningful and personal manner. Elementary teachers worked with the students in their classes on individual and group projects. 

The students used information they learned in class from their teachers along with information gained from their online research to create individualized projects that demonstrated their new knowledge about Passover. Using chrome books to research online resources for project based learning is an invaluable skill that the students are learning.

Student projects included a snakes and ladder board game, a Passover Monopoly game, a video slideshow on the steps of the Seder, a jeopardy game and more!