By: Slater Torah Academy 8th Grade

Last week, we, the 8th grade of Slater Torah Academy went on our graduation trip to Florida. We had many fun trips, like segwaying, biking on the beach and going to an escape room. In order to go on the trip, we had to raise money, and in the end we raised over $4000! We raised money through a variety of activities including hot lunches and participation in bake sales. After raising all this money, our chaperone, Mushka Kazen advised us to give some of the money to an organization called Chai Lifeline.

Chai Lifeline helps families who have a family member with cancer. Not only do they help that family member, but they make programs for the siblings and support groups for the parents.

On the second day of our trip, we went to the Chai Lifeline office in Florida. There, we met with the director of Chai Lifeline of the Southeast, and some of the other staff. We presented them with a check for $500. As we went on a mini-tour of the office, the director showed us closets full of toys that are sent out to the families helped by Chai Lifeline, and she spoke to us about some of the programs they do, including a camp for the sick children, and a camp for children with illnesses or needs that prevent them from going to a regular camp. This was a very special experience. The feeling you get when you take a large portion of money that you earned through a year of hard work, and then give it to such an amazing organization as Chai Lifeline is indescribable.