Grow Dat Youth Farm is a sustainable organic farm with the mission of teaching young people about growing healthy foods and making a difference for our environment. Our students visited Grow Dat on Lag Baomer. 

Students participated in two different programs. Our younger students participated in Birds and Bugs on the Bayou: Observing Organisms in Their Habitats. They learned about the benefits that various insects have for our environment. They observed bugs such as bees, ants and worms using magnifying glasses. 

Older students participated in Seed to Plate: The Story of Food. Students followed the journey of a vegetable that is currently in season on the farm. Throughout the field trip, hands-on experiences and photos invited student investigation into the differences between the industrial food system and sustainable farming at Grow Dat. They saw vegetables/fruit such as beets, lettuce, squash, carrots, potatoes, and clementines growing and were able to taste some of them. 

An interesting highlight for the students was learning about how horse manure is used at Grow Dat Youth Farm!