The beginning of the school year is upon us! It is wonderful to see all of our students again after the summer break.

It is already our fourth year kicking of the beginning of school with a back to school BBQ following parent/student orientations and supply drop-off. We entered our 6th year in the new school building with almost 80 students enrolled!

What is new for this year?

*We are working with Junction Sports to provide high quality Physical Education for our students.

*New Chumash curriculum- A World within a Word, that will give students the skills needed to master their understanding of the vocabulary and grammar in the Torah.

*Electives program- students choose from a variety of subjects including keyboard, STEM, yoga and public speaking and then meet once a week to learn about their topic of choice.

*Early Childhood- New mobile activity centers including a grocery store and puppet theater.

*Science Lab on Wheels to benefit our students by providing hands on science learning.

*Additional Early Childhood classroom.

*Early bird club

*Monthly Rosh Chodesh assemblies

We have more new programs which are in the works that we hope to roll out this year. Stay tuned!

Our school theme this year is "An Attitude of Gratitude". Our goal is to bring the concept of gratitude into our school culture this year in a practical way. We will be connecting it to the Jewish concept of Tefillah, giving thanks to G-d for everything we have with a daily journal. Each class will also be introducing a gratitude practice and songs related to giving thanks. We hope that this theme will give our students skills to practice resilience in life when challenges come their way.

Naomi Smith & Rivkie Chesney