This is a story about how we do integrated learning in our classrooms. The Chickadees are learning so much about the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashana while working on all their preschool skills. They don't even realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun!

science- apples.jpeg


We completed a science exploration with apples. We cut the apples open and felt the different parts of the apples. We compared the taste of 3 different colors of apples and found out which apple was the favorite. We also counted the seeds and found out that the apples each had a different amount of seeds.



We are practicing our math skills using apple trees and apples for Rosh Hashana. We identify a number and then put that amount of apples on the tree.

literacy- apples.jpeg

English Literacy

We are learning how to sort by two categories using upper and lower case Aa. The children divided the apples with lowercase and uppercase A's and put them in the correct basket.

Our book of the week is, “Time to Start a Brand New Year”.

honey squish bags.jpg

Hebrew Literacy

We squished honey around in a bag to find hidden Alephs, bees and apples. This was also a great sensory activity!

shofar sensory bin.jpeg


We added Shofars to the sensory table for additional Rosh Hashana exploration. We are practicing putting our hand over the top to blow so we don’t spread germs!

bee- dramatic play.jpeg

Dramatic Play

We are continually adding Rosh Hashana objects to our drama center as we learn about them!

art- honey dishes.jpeg


We are working on our honey apple plates for the Rosh Hashana table! We painted with bubble wrap for a honey comb affect!


Social Emotional

While we tasted pomegranate seeds, we each got a chance to tell our friends what our favorite Mitzvot are! We are developing wonderful speaking and listening skills!