This year, we are instituting assemblies which will take place on or close to the first of the new Jewish month. This date is known as Rosh Chodesh, the head of the month. During each assembly, we award students who came on time during the previous month with an attendance award which allows them to participate in a free dress day on a designated day the following month. We were so impressed with how many students received this award this past month. We also gave a shout out award to Daniel Toporek, a student who demonstrated exemplar behavior this month. In the coming months, this will be an opportunity to announce Honor Roll and the Principal's Honor Roll for students who excel.

During the assembly, Morah Lina's Ivrit class presented the first song of Tal Am they learned this year and Morah Nechama's class presented their class rules song.

Thank you to Susan Markovich for sponsoring the Rosh Chodesh treat for the month of Elul. If you would like to sponsor a Rosh Chodesh treat in honor of an upcoming birthday/Yartzheit, please let us know!