Working with children, whether as parents or in the classroom, requires us to do deep work on ourselves.

Recently, I heard Becky Udman speak here at Slater Torah Academy and also heard from my sister Chani Reyder about how she is using the book "Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline" at home with her daughter. Becky Bailey, the author, is the founder of Conscious Discipline. I have been inspired to read more on Conscious Discipline and have finally got myself a copy of her book. I have not been disappointed.

Aside from validating how much self-control it takes on the parent/teachers end to teach self-control to our children and that it is a journey that takes time and hard work, she brings up some incredible mantras for educators to keep in mind.

One thing that stood out to me was the simple idea: "What you focus on, you get more of!". If you tell a toddler not to touch the lamp, oftentimes, all they hear is "touch the lamp". When this happens, they are very confused afterwards when you are upset at them for touching the lamp.

I also think that this connects very strongly to the saying of the third Chabad Rebbe, the Tzemach Tzedek, "Tachshov tov, tihiyeh tov." "Think good and it will be good." When we focus on the positive in everything, that is the way it will be from our perspective, and the more we focus on positive, the more positivity we will invite into our lives.