In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, rebuilding Torah Academy was a tremendous undertaking. Both the facility as well as the student body/faculty suffered substantial losses due to the storm. Torah Academy had to take on siginificant debt in order to recreate the structure and to bring the school back to the high functioning level at which it currently operates. The result is the beautiful state-of-the-art 16,000 sq.ft. facility and booming enrollment. 

We are launching a 3.5 million "Burn the Mortgage" campaign. This campaign will firmly establish Jewish Education in New Orleans for years to come by ensuring a viable and thriving Torah Academy for the children of our Jewish community. 

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Torah Academy Naming Dedication Opportunities

School Naming - $1,800,000- dedicated

Secondary Lobby - $36,000

Patio - $36,000 - Dedicated

Sukkah Area - $36,000

Front Door Mezuza - $18,000

Faculty Lounge - $18,000 – Dedicated

Mezuza - $10,000

General Dedication – Founder - $25,000

General Dedication - Foundation Stone, $5,000

General Dedication - Pillar, $3,600

General Dedication - Brick, $1,800

General Dedication - Tile, $500

Building Dedication - $720,000

Multipurpose Room - $200,000 - Dedicated

Elementary School Wing $180,000 - Dedicated

Early Childhood Wing - $180,000

Administrative Wing - $100,000

Playground - $100,000

Kitchen - $100,000

Library - $100,000

Classrooms (8 total) - $54,000 (2 Dedicated)

Main Lobby Entrance - $54,000


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Why Torah Academy Matters

  • A Jewish community needs a Jewish day school, if it wants to be able to attract Orthodox and traditional Conservative families. There are multiple families that have moved to New Orleans due to the wonderful Jewish Education at Torah Academy.

  • Jewish day school education has been identified as the number one most effective tool in preventing intermarriage, and fostering strong Jewish identity.

  • Children educated in Jewish day schools have a strong commitment to supporting Israel, commemorating the Holocaust and other Jewish historical events, and serving in the leadership of their Jewish communities.

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