Why should I enroll my children at Torah Academy when I have a fine public school in my neighborhood?

Our children deserve nothing less than the best.  A rich, well-rounded education, individual attention, and resources to grow to full potential.  We aim to work together with our students and families to offer the highest standard education in STEM (science & math) and related public school subjects, as well as the values and insights offered with our integrated Jewish learning programs.  

Will my family feel comfortable even though we do not have a kosher home?

To foster proper growth, a proper, judgement free environment is crucial.  Torah Academy provides a quality Jewish and General education to families of all backgrounds. 

How much of the day is spent on Judaica and Hebrew language?

About 1/3 of each day is spent studying Hebrew and learning Jewish history, holidays and customs. Critical thinking and interpretation skills are developed through their daily Tanach study.

Is there a before-care and after-care program?

Both before-care and after-care programs are available; please inquire for details.

Do students take field trips?

Yes-  Please contact us to learn more or volunteer to become involved.

Where do Torah Academy students attend school following graduation?

The Torah Academy has educational programs from 3 months of age through 8th grade (early development & k-8). Graduates of Torah Academy have continued on successfully to many different schools in New Orleans and beyond. 

More questions? 

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